MetaDate – The New First Date

MetaDate™ — The New First Date™

News stories about new gadgets for authenticating that “you are you” occur daily. The latest buzz surrounds Apple Corporation’s new iPhone® line with an integrated fingerprint scanner. Great! Now you can conveniently lock up all of your private data on that massive cell phone storage you have, right?

But wait. Now that you have all of that cool information about yourself safely locked up, wouldn’t it be great if you could selectively share information from your cell phone, but keep that sharing anonymous until you’re sure you can trust the recipient? Wouldn’t it be great if you could selectively receive information from other people’s cell phones on the same anonymous basis? Wouldn’t it be great if the process were largely automated, so that people with certain desirable profiles who are within your physical proximity are brought to your attention by your cell phone – but only if your profile attracts their attention? Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually measure how much to trust what this anonymous person’s phone is telling you? Is the person really in the same restaurant as you, or halfway across the county? Is the person really 29 — or 40-something? Is the person really a triathlete, or just a weekend jogger? Neurosurgeon or Barista? HIV negative or STD trouble? What if you could safely measure, in some way, that a person fits the dating profile you desire, and at the same time know that you fit their dating profile?

It’s all possible with MetaDate™, a secure system for sharing measurably trustworthy information anonymously using the same metadata analytical tools used by the NSA. Built around the new IDfra® identity management system, MetaDate™ is an exciting new tool for an automated, real time, location sensitive, measurably accurate and anonymous method for identifying your next date.

Whether your personal information is protected by your fingerprint, an EKG bracelet, a facial recognition scanner, or some other great biometric authentication system, you can still exchange selected information in a confidential, anonymous manner that gives you the tools to protect your privacy and yet really know who’s knocking on your cell phone door.   Get more information at   Metadate™.  The New First Date™.