IDfra Brings You A Different Kind of Database

In the era of Big Data, our collective imagination is focused upon the massive databases being built, aggregated, bought, sold and mined on a daily basis by Big Business and Big Government. And why not? The daily news is filled with stories about the latest Big Hack.

But what if we killed off the Big Data databases? There would, of course, still be data to store and share, but the huge database targets that capture the fascination of power brokers and bad guys would be gone. It would be as if we were forcing bank robbers to become pick pockets, since there would be no more treasure troves of data to steal.

The IDfra® system of identity management decentralizes identity data by giving everyone their own personal, biometrically secured database. The IDfra® system provides the tools to add data to, and use data from, your personal database without allowing the collection of that data into a Big Data database. Best of all, the IDfra® system makes possible a wide variety of anonymous uses for the data on your own personal database, from engaging in a simple commercial transaction, to facilitating direct personal marketing, to sharing, anonymously, measurably credible personal information for epidemiological analyses.

For more information on the IDfra® system, please review the other blog posts on this site.